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Adult Bible Study

Bible Study is a first step and vital part of our “growing true disciples” process. On Sunday mornings there are age graded Bible studies throughout the campus. Each Bible study is designed to help you grow in your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. We highly encourage you to get connected to a Sunday school class. We believe these groups help you establish lifelong relationships while building your faith and trust in God. For more info on Sunday Bible Studies call 903.561.0445.

All of our Sunday morning Bible studies begin at 9:15am


Young Adults

Singles out of high school
Room: Upstairs Gym
Teacher: Paul Campbell


Married Adults

Couples 20-30s
Room: A110
Teacher: Shawn & Jennifer Wilson


Couples 30-40s
Room: Activity Center/A101
Teachers: Rick & Susan Taylor


Couples 40-50s
Room: Activity Center/A108
Teachers: Stephen & Kristi Dubose


Couples 40-60s
Room: A102
Teachers: Forrest Coats & Ed Mink


Couples 60+ (M&M Class)
Room: W100
Teacher: Troy Maynard


Bubba Class
Room: A100


Men 50+
Room: A109
Teacher: David Myers


Ladies 30s-40s
Room: A106
Teacher: Deleisa Johnson


Ladies 50 – 70’s
Room: A113
Teacher: Renee Hawkins


Ladies 50 – 70’s
Room: B103
Teacher: Elsie Graham


Ladies 65+
Room: B109