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Why We Do What We Do?

Our purpose is to build disciples to further the reach of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this in a number of ways whether that be through Wednesday night services, Sunday morning/night bible studies, or even special events such as camp or DiscipleNow. We believe that God has a plan for each student, that they’re not “too young” to be used by God or impact peoples lives for His purposes, and we want to help them understand what that purpose is and better equip them for it. In short, we engage Jesus so that we can engage culture for His glory!

Worship Together

(Wednesday Nights 6:30-7:30)

One thing that is clear in the Bible is that the people of God are to come together to worship God and read/study his Word together. This is what MidWeek is all about. It is a worship service, not just for students, but for the body of Christ no matter the age to assemble together to sing praises and learn more about their creator and savior.

Sunday Mornings


We meet in the gym around 9:00 AM and always have coffee along with some other snacks available. We then have a devotional in grade/gender separated classes just to get your mind focused on what God has for you in the service. Classes are as follows!

7-8th Grade – Mollie & Craig Dornak

9th-12th Grade Girls – Cherith Watson & Christi Britton

9th-12th Grade Guys – Brady Watson & Cordell Parker

Community Builders

These are simply opportunities for our student to spend time together doing any number of things. It could be a fun night at the lake, and event in Dallas, or just a simple game night. We believe that one of the greatest indicators of a student growing in their faith is who they surround themselves with, our hope is that theses events give each student an opportunity to connect and minister to each other in hopes that they would push one another to a better relationship with Jesus Christ!


We really hope you can come check us out sometime, feel free to contact Brady with any questions below!
We know God has a plan for every student’s life, something set apart just for you, and we want to be apart of that journey!

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Help Us Stop Spam! (the email kind, not the food)