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This Changes Everything



Before we get into what it is, we want to tell you WHY we do it. We live in a world where the term “teenager” really just means someone who spends all their time on their phone/video game stuff and is incredibly emotionally known to outburst saying things like “THAT’S NOT FAIR”! The truth is, this generation of students has been bombarded with more information than any other generation in human history. They have the answer to almost any question they could ever ask at their fingertips. So we’ve set aside this weekend to introduce to them maybe for the first time or the first time in a long time the one answer we believe to all of the problems they face, most importantly the problem of WHO they are and WHY they are here. Jesus Christ is the answer, His sacrifice to save our souls from an eternity without a relationship with our Creator, to pay our debt, to make us whole. It doesn’t end there though, knowing Jesus, we believe changes EVERYTHING about your life. The way you live it, how you live it with others, how you handle adversity and triumph, how you treat your friends and family, how you view your own shortcomings and also your talentsJesus changes it all, that’s what this weekend is for, to draw teenagers into a closer relationship with the ONE answer for their lives greatest issue. We hope yours will join us!


So what exactly is it? Well, the truth is it’s a little bit of everything. Everything we do will be pointing towards Jesus Christ, some things more directly than others, however. So we will have things like worship sessions where we have brought in a worship band to lead us in some songs, and a speaker that we know will have a message straight from Gods word to their ears. We also have breakout sessions, where it give your student a chance to ask some questions they may have and really engage not just with their leaders but their fellow students about issues they may be facing so they know they aren’t alone in the struggle. We, of course, have some opportunity to do some crazy stuff as well, with plenty of games and such because we believe God loves it when His people have a good time getting to know Him. We do all of this at two locations, one is the church building itself but the other is what makes this weekend so special. Some of our church members will open their homes to your student and that’s actually where they will sleep and more importantly get t spend time with some students all trying to do the same thing, get to know Jesus!

If you have ANY questions about the weekend, please do not hesitate to contact Brady by clicking RIGHT HERE! We really hope your student can join us, and just as a side note we hear all the time that students can’t come because of an event or some prior engagement they had panned. Students can leave and come back as long as we have a time away card signed by a parent which can be found below as well as some other important documents. If you would like to go ahead and pre-register you can do so below!

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